"The unique multidisciplinary approach that LIFE offers allows physical therapists the opportunity to co-treat with other disciplines. My pediatric knowledge has grown because of my LIFE colleagues and my LIFE clients, and I look forward to continue learning with them."

-Tammy Groenwald, Physical Therapist PT, DPT

Community and Adult Services

Our community services offer respite, attendant care and habilitation services in the privacy of clients homes or within their community. Our adult program helps adults with daily living skills and provides purposeful social interaction from our center-based treatment facility.

We believe success comes from open communication between the family, care providers and treatment team. As part of our Community team, you'll collaborate with a network of professionals to provide services based on the specific needs of the child or adult.

Who We Need

Direct Care Worker
Help children or adults by implementing a variety of interventions, including habilitative therapies, special developmental skills, behavior intervention and sensory-motor development, to develop the skills needed to live successfully in their day-to-day environments.

You Should Know:

  • This is an entry level position that offers growth
  • Experience with special needs is preferred but not required
  • Most positions require afternoon and evening hours

Our Therapy services include pediatric Physical, Speech, Feeding, Occupational and Music therapies to help children achieve their highest potential.

As part of our Therapy team, you'll work with families to understand the needs of each unique client. You will collaborate with professionals from every department to develop, implement, and evaluate interventions. You will maintain open communications with client's family and caregivers to ensure the best results for each and every child.

Who We Need

Board Certified Therapists
Help children strengthen their cognitive, social, communication and motor skills by using a collaborative approach with teachers, habilitators, physical, music, occupational, speech, and behavioral therapists.

You Should Know:

  • Opportunity for continuing education
  • Guaranteed pay despite cancellations
  • Atmosphere requires a flexible mindset

"Why did I choose to work at LIFE?
The PEOPLE..we are like family. I feel at home when at LIFE. I love being surrounded by people who share the same passion for serving these clients as I do, and in turn the kids I work with remind me every day of what is most important in life and to count my blessings. It may look like we are just playing but we are doing a lot of work building life skills for a successful future, and having fun while doing so. I truly do believe it takes a village to raise a child and I am fortunate to work in a place among people who are so supportive, knowledgeable, and loving. We are a team that I am proud to be part of!!! "

-Angela Olson

Behavioral Program

Our Behavioral Programming and Support offer clients the opportunity to address and improve socially significant skills and behaviors.

As part of Behavioral Programming and Support team, you'll work with highly trained professionals to develop an all-inclusive evidenced based ABA program using a consumer centered approach which includes input from everyone on the treatment team.

Who We Need

BCBA's, BCaBA's & ABA Tutors
Support is provided through assessment, consultation, and training, using clinic based assessment rooms and home and community environments, and availability to material and programming supplies, technology and an online data selection system.

You Should Know:

  • Work in a cutting edge clinical facility
  • Gain supervision toward board certification
  • Earn opportunities for continued education

The L.I.F.E. Private Academy offers an individualized education environment dedicated to strengthening children's emotional, social and cognitive skills.

As part of the Academy team, you'll use a variety of techniques, including phonetics, multisensory learning, and repetition to reinforce learning and to meet students' varying needs and interests. You'll work collaboratively with the student's entire treatment team to create a personalized education based on strengths and weaknesses.

Who We Need

Teachers & Classroom Aides
Experienced teachers and teacher aides help us deliver a general education curriculum tailored to meet special-needs students. Use your creativity and autonomy to instruct students in academic subjects, and communicate with parents and guardians to discuss children's progress and determine priorities.

You Should Know:

  • We offer teachers consistent year-round work
  • Role involves both administrative & teaching skills
  • Provide an engaged, hands-on class environment